7 typical dishes of the Mexican Gastronomy must-have

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gastronomia mexicana

In 2010, UNESCO declared Mexican Gastronomy as part of the intangible heritage of humanity. So for many years the representative dishes of this country are having a value as pure and delicious as Peruvian Gastronomy boasts at the moment.

Mexican Gastronomy and the reason for its success

The reason for its success? It’s beacuse of the fact that in Mexican food there is a great variety of flavors, that blended perfectly can cause the best sensations on the plate. Here comes into play soft and spicy touches, intense flavor ingredients and amazing salsas, in addition to more organic foods like corn, beans and meats.

At Can Burrito, we have a wide variety of Mexican food. Much of it is part of the gastronomic line denominated as tex-mex, which includes classic dishes such as burritos, tacos or enchiladas.

If you want to get a general idea of how fantastic these dishes are in Mexican gastronomy, here is a delicious summary:


7 typical dishes of Mexican Gastronomy


Of course, this is the most recognized dish of Mexican gastronomy. These are tortillas that come full with beef or chicken, among others, also with corn, lettuce, tomato, as well as onions and red chilies.

The taco usually roll up, to be enjoyed with a good soup. Once the taco is rolled, inside it can feel its smoothness, as well as the liquid juiciness of certain dressings like salsas or the juice released by the same meats.

Types of tacos:

1.- Tacos basket or taco sudado.

Their name comes from the way they are served. A basket is placed with several napkins that holds the tacos together so that they can sweat and remain warm.

2.- Tacos al pastor

Stuffed pork marinade with different spices and chillies.

3.- Golden Tacos

Stuffed with different meats or potatoes, and also cheese, avocado and cream.

4.- Fish Tacos

Traditionally prepared with pico de gallo.
5.- Suadero tacos

Prepared with the meat of the cow that is between its thighs. They make this type of tacos unique because of its texture and flavor.

6.- Tacos placeros

The corn tortilla is stuffed with pork chicharrón, fresh cheese, salsa and avocado.

7.- Cochinita Pibil Tacos

Its filling is prepared with marinated pork wrapped in plantain leaves.

8.- Barbecue Tacos

They are made with different types of meat or even fish. It goes very well combined with cilantro and onion.

9.- Tacos acorazados

Stuffed, with red rice and egg, and accompanied by salsa and chiles.

10.- Carnitas Tacos

They are prepared with seasoned pork for hours.


enchiladas verdes


In essence, their presentation is quite similar to the famous tacos, only they are more saturated with cheese and are devoid of cereals. The cherry on top? No, it’s not cherry: These are even more spicy and intense ingredients, which stimulate the other ingredients.

In the enchiladas you can find a great variety of presentations. There are those made with meat of chicken, beef, pork or turkey, as well as those with only cheese. The enchiladas garnish is made with chopped onion, as well as vegetables such as lettuce and tomato.

The enchiladas are a dish that usually comes with a good supply of chips.



Its appearance is quite similar to that of the enchiladas. And the reason is because they are also made based on wheat flour, or corn tortillas. Inside, ingredients such as roast meat and certain vegetables are filtered, the addition of chilies is essential.

The great difference of the burritos in front of the tacos, the enchiladas or the fajitas, lies in that inside are fried beans, without that a burrito would not be considered as such. Also, the burrito is closed at both ends.


totopos mexicanos

Surely the name will sound strange, since this is the official designation according to Mexican cuisine. Its most common name is “nachos”. These are wheat flour or corn tortillas that have a triangular shape. Their appearance will evoke the classic Doritos.

However, in the homemade dish the totopos are covered with a large amount of melted cheese, also being accompanied by sauces like guacamole and other spicy dressings like jalapeños.

For many it is a good starter to go with beers before stronger dishes.


quesadilla mexicana


Once again, this dish comes to be starring corn tortillas or wheat flour tortillas. Only that the strength of the dish is the cheese. To make them, leave the tortilla on the grill while you add the cheese to be melted.

Everything else will be adding ingredients to taste, such as ground beef, chicken or spicy vegetables cut into pieces. Then fold the tortilla to make it a tasty crescent, in which you can appreciate all the foods included.

Huevos rancheros

huevos rancheros mexicanos

In matters of originality, this kind of eggs are the most wonderful to start a good day. It consists of frying two eggs that are sprinkled with a good quantity of cioriander and pepper, among other condiments. The dish is presented with the company of beans, rice, tomatoes or fried bacon.

Fish Ceviche

ceviche mexicano

Although it is a very common dish throughout Latin America, those made in Mexico have their own style. White fish such as shrimp are used for this purpose. Ingredients such as red onions, lemon, cilantro, pepper and salt are then added.

Usually accompanied with salads with lots of avocado and tomato.


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