6 things to do and see in Ibiza in 2017

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In this article we teach you 6 things to do in Ibiza this summer or at any time of the year. Ibiza is a Mediterranean island of Spain that enjoys enormous fame both nationally and internationally. The reason? The fascinating beauty of its beaches, where crystalline waters and sunsets combine to form a truly fantastic atmosphere.

Millions of tourists are attracted every year to this island of Europe, all ready to enjoy its gastronomic variety, as well as its beautiful landscapes and the charisma of its people. Canburrito, as one of the most desired Mexican food restaurants in Ibiza, offers you some ideas for when you come to enjoy your vacation in this fascinating island.


Recommended tours in Ibiza

View to Dalt Vila

Considered as one of the must-see sites to visit in Ibiza for any tourist, this walled city has a lot to offer you. Through its cobbled streets and its rock constructions, you will have the feeling that you travel to an ancient time left centuries ago.

It is place with a lot of tourism, where you can see the cannons pointing silent towards the sea, waiting for pirate or English ships that will never return. Visiting Dalt Vila represents the opportunity to see the Cathedral of Ibiza, which is one of the most striking for its architecture.

Also, the views you have of the beaches and the very length of the ocean will be unforgettable. There is a lot of culture to learn in Dalt Vila and it is a unique opportunity to know more about the history of Spain.

Enjoy the Beaches

On what to do in Ibiza, one of the most exciting experiences that Ibiza offers are its beaches: all provided with crystal clear water and where the soft whisper of the waves will let you enjoy a good sleep under a good canopy for tourists.

n terms of beaches, you have Cala Tarida, Cala d’Hort, Platja de Comte, Port de San Miguel, among many more. Thanks to the tranquility of its waters and how transparent they are, you can see the good part of the marine fauna, the snails, the fish and, perhaps, small starfish.

Plus, visiting the whole beach of Ibiza is a splendid opportunity to taste the intensity of sunsets of radiant colors.

The region of Es Vedrà

The trip and experience of what to do in Ibiza is more than complete if you dare to visit the islet of Es Vedrà, which is a site that is 400 meters above sea level. It is one of the favorite places for both tourists and the same Ibiza, as it emanates a total natural energy, as it is a natural refuge endowed with high pine forests.

If you continue with the route of this place, you can finish in the town of Es Cubells, or in Cala d’Hort: a nice enough place to enjoy a good bathroom. It is a good beach to enjoy snorkeling.

Sailing in the Pitiusas waters

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Another interesting experience about what to do in Ibiza is to rent a boat to go with your family to visit the great expanse of the sea. You do not have to be an expert on how to handle a boat, since you can count on the services of a professional navigator, who in turn will give you great lessons on the life of the island and how tourism is part of your daily life.


Getting to Formentera waters

Another quite fascinating walk or plan to complete the route of what to do in Ibiza is to take the ferry that leaves in direction to the island of Formentera, which is on the list of the most beautiful beaches in the world.


The trip on the ferry will be very pleasant and as you approach the island you can feel the peace that reigns there. It is a perfect place to afford to go in the morning and return at dusk. So you can enjoy its beaches, as well as bars and restaurants.

Nightlife, music ang dancing

biza is also characterized by having a great variety of discos and bars, among other places in which to enjoy the good weather of the night and its pleasant breezes. If you want to spend a night enjoying the best cocktails and at the same time dancing with other people to make friends, then dive into the many options you have the nightlife of Ibiza.

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Your holidays and your destiny of what to do in Ibiza is finished with this experience. If you spend the day in these same urban areas, you will have the opportunity to buy bracelets and hippie souvenirs from the foreigners who have made Ibiza their new home.

Conclusion about all these plans and things to do in Ibiza

Ibiza is not only clubs, night, alcohol and parties. It has much more cultural, gastronomic and tourist interest and is a natural paradise worth seeing and enjoying. I recommend you take a look at our blog, where we will be publishing the best tips and tricks of Ibiza to enjoy it to the maximum. We also remind you that if you want to enjoy some good Mexican Burritos with a Mediterranean touch you can find us here.


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