The best beaches in Ibiza to visit in 2017

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In this post we are going to give you a list of the best beaches and coves in Ibiza that you can enjoy when you come to this amazing island.
Ibiza has around 210 kilometres of coast, so you can find a great variety of beaches. There is more than 100 beaches in all ibiza, counting all the small beaches and patches of sand that are hidden along the coast.


The best beaches in Ibiza organised by areas

We are going to start with the most famous beaches that we recommend to visit. We have organised them by areas (north, south, east, west). So you can see which ones you have closest to you when you are in the island.

The best beaches in Ibiza, North side.

Cala Benirras

One of the most famous beaches in the north. Its known because of its hippie reunions, they meet up to play music and watch the sunset. Its an amazing place to do snorkel.


Ibiza 2006


Cala Xarraca

Its considered one of the most transparent water beaches in Ibiza. You can appreciate perfectly whats under the water. That is why is one of the best beaches in Ibiza. There is two areas in which you can go. there are also little fisherman huts that are very particular of this area.

mejores-calas-ibiza (1)

The best beaches in ibiza, in the west area.

Cala Salada

Cala Salada is without a doubt, one of the best beaches in Ibiza. It is located just above Sant Antoni de Portimani. From cala Salda you can go to Cala Saladeta, passing through the rocks or above the mountain. It is a very realxed and chilled bech, perfect to do snorkel or just swim.

Cala salada


Cala Bassa

One of the best beaches in ibiza say their fans. You feel the relaxed vibe all day, a great place to disconnect. its surrounded by trees and there are a coulee beach clubs which are very nice.
It is a beautiful beach, due to its calm and transparent water.



Cala Conta

It is a must when you come to Ibiza. The Can Burrito team recommends it because its one of our favs.  It is an amazing thing to watch through its abrupt terrain that expands 800 metres.



Cala Gracioneta

A small beach with a lot of charm. Due to its narrow area there is less hours of sun, but its amazing to swim with barely no people next to you.



Cala Tarida

One of the most popular beaches, frequented by a more relaxed crowd, mainly families.



Cala vadella

This beach is also in the top 10 in Ibiza. Calm and warm water, no waves since its protected by rocks.



Cala Carbo

This beach is very quiet and away from all the fiesta ibicenca. Not easy to get there but definitely worth it.




Cala D’Hort

Thin beach next to Es Vedra, the view is amazing and the water is clean and calm.





Cala Moli

Rocky beach with an amazing aura. Perfect to go with your loved one to relax.



The best beaches in Ibiza, south area.

Sa Caleta

Perfect to go with the family. Very calm and located in the south of the island. It has little cliff of red rocks. clean and calm water .

 sa caleta ibiza

Cala condal

Beautiful views in a beach with famous beach clubs like Blue Marlin.


Las Salinas

One of the most popular beaches, beautiful people and good vibes. One of the biggest beaches in Ibiza. In high season its packed, good to make new friends.

 calas ibiza las salinas


The best beaches in Ibiza, North area.


Playa d’en Bossa

The party beach, good music, good food and where Can burrito is.




Cala Nova

Its situated next to Santa Eularia. Good beach to go with the family. 250metres of paradise.




Cala Llenya

Situated in the east of Ibiza, its known for being a very calm beach, perfect for nudists.




Cala de Boix

One of the best beaches in Ibiza, it has a darkened sand color. Its also in the east of the island.


Aguas Blancas Beach

Beautiful beach with a hard access. However, its a very popular beach, to go relax, do snorkel or swim.



Cala Olivera

Next to ibiza town, small beach with east access. Its not usually very full. it is quite rocky so you have to be careful when you go swim.

cala olivera-ibiza


Map with the best beaches in Ibiza.

Here you have the map with the best beaches in Ibiza, for print or save:


mejores calas ibiza


What can you do to enjoy in the beaches of ibiza.?

Party boats
Sunrise and sunsets.
Nudist beaches.

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